About Us

Sexy Survivors was inspired by Amy Reaganstrief, a patient advocate and survivor, who has participated and facilitated Cancer Survivor groups for over a decade. Amy is a survivor of a very rare cancer, Retroperitoneal Leimyosarcoma, since 2001. Still living with Stage 4 cancer, 16 years later, is a testament to a strong soul. Tiffany Yelverton was encouraged by Amy, to expand into working with Cancer Survivors because of the lack of discussion about sex and intimacy when dealing with this terrible disease. Amy has been an amazing inspiration and resource for what goes on during treatment, and the lack of information that is provided to patients.

Tiffany has a passion for helping people and talking about subjects, such as sex, that make others uncomfortable. Tiffany has a frank manner of speaking that calms others and invites openness.

Tiffany found that body-confidence and relationships deteriorate during treatment and surgeries. This effects both the survivor, their partner, and the family. The patient often isn’t given the tools and resources to deal with the changes in their bodies, the reaction of others, and the way this will effect intimate relationships.

As Tiffany began to speak to people about their experiences, she found a common thread with military Veterans and civilians working in military situations. Sex and relationships suffer during long-distances apart. Debriefing in the military system is lacking and reintegrating into normal home-life is difficult for many returning from combat situations.

Tiffany’s vision is to focus on these 2 areas, but recognizes that other life-changing events, traumas, and illnesses that can also hamper relationships. It is her goal to expand into other arenas in the future.

Executive Director: TBA

Advisory Board:

Jennifer Leong

Amy Reaganstrief

Michael Napolitano, Jr.

Christine Wilton, Esq.

Founder: Tiffany Alyse Yelverton